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September 09, 2008


micro CEO

1) Injecting DNA into a cell.
2) Pencil filling in a multiple choice bubble on a test.
3) Rocket reentering Earth's atmosphere.
4) Ice fishing boat breaking through ice on it's way North (or South, for those down under).

micro CEO

Also reminscent of the perilous life of an acute triangle in the classic book "Flatland". :-)

Ana Cristina Diaz Vargas

I peak or side of a star...


tower, shirt design, stool (A simple seat without a back or arms); necklace with pendant, pendulum, a man (cartoon)


A lighthouse giving out light signals at night~


A light-house


1. Gigantic drill drilling the Earth.
2. A person holding a megaphone shouting away. Cheap cheap sale!
3. Cyclops shooting his laser-like beams. Fire away!
4. Christmas tree with a twinkle twinkle little star.

Alex Tham

A beam of light penetrating darkness! And life goes full circle.


I am seeing the stadium with searchlight's play from four corners.

William Mackenzie

What do I see...

Light and energy going into an eye. The two colors going in repression the spectrum of light. The movement represents the different views of looking at things.


It looks like Shuriken that Ninja uses.

Lynn Morris

Shot Put field.


It's a pimento stuffed olive floating around in a Dry Martini with a couple of toothpicks.



Seattle space needle, a sport medal, a badge/tag, clock tower, graphics 1.0 :)


Flying Kite- swirling in the wind


image of young girl sitting.

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