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August 14, 2008



"Only those who risk going too far will know, how far will they go." Right? That is the story of Ping. Have read it. Very inspirational.


This is my story. I work 17 years in a company. Company growing fast for 11 year and then business going down. 8000 people then lay off 6500,,up little and layoff 4500...Later Pond go dry. I don't wait but look around and take board layout design class.
I have a job in a good company for last 9 year.


Is this book Ping published in Philippines?


This story is so much like what is going on in my company. We used to have a large ocean, but it is shrinking and now it is a lake. So many fish,turtles and frogs competing for smaller and smaller space. There are crocodiles and sharks too. Man, it is survival of the fittest.
Options are: Eat the other species; find ways to get more rain (more business, innovative products and procedures) and thus grow the lake; find different ways to fish in the same water or Make a BIG LEAP FROG to another ocean.

Yes, the book is inspirational and good for all times. Must Read.

Don Lee

I could recall that Change is Part of Being Alive and Life is uncertain. Life never stops teaching us about change.

Jay K

"Dream does not begin unless you do." How true?

Friend from KL

"Within each of us there is Ping, for we are not born into the world but born out of it." You see I read the book.
I went to the store right after work and bought the book. It is a treasure. I plan to read over and over again.


I remember OBT class in 2005 in Cavite. One thing that stuck with me is "You can choose to be either proactive or be a victim." I decided to be proactive. I saw our Pond drying so went back to school and learnt software. Thanks. I have a good job in Hong Kong now.


Great story!

(Being a cynical (pretending to be ironical) Russian – as all they are – can note, that an Owl can be as good a mentor for a frog, as a fox for a hen…Well, depending on circumstances…)

Anand Shah

To Ignacio;
Ping is an International Best Seller so I would guess that it would be available in your country. Try National and other book stores. In case if they don't have it they may be able to get it for you.

A friend from Shanghai

Hi Anand, The words impressed me most was” The dream does not begin unless you do. Too many wait for just the right time and just the right place to act.” Remembered there was another story in your 07’ Friday reflection said as “When god knock your door, some good educated people want to wash face firstly..” I am preparing and ready to take risks, however I am not very clearly on where is my next pond(opportunity)..Maybe I need a mentor like Owl to sell me a ticket there, not drive me there…
Best Regards

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