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August 12, 2008



2 roads leading to a cul-de sac?


To me these are a couple nails, first on a floor and when moved they seem to be on a wall. The picture also resembles a couple threads of a hair brush and, when turned upside down, a diagram of a couple hairs and the skin (epidermis).

Don Lee

yellow color nail heads, chair with slits, box with slits, spot lights, part of comb, alphabet E, M, W, Korean alphabet ㅠ, ㅛ, ㅕ, curtain, matches

Tan, Boon Seng

two spot lights shine/point on a wall or floor.

California Guy

[1] Cue stick and ball (billiards), [2] Nose/mouth of a yawning person or an exclamation point, [3] Head/torso of a sleeping person, [4] Floppy diskette.


Roman Empire going sideways and upside down.

tracy aguirre

its a top view of a parent and child playing together in a park, the parent is holding the child by the arm and both are swinging around in circle.


Hey. you changed the puzzle from what it was yesterday. Is this a trick or some Out of box idea or A Magic.

I tell you what you have is MAGIC..

Friday Reflections

To Raylene: We heard that many people were seeing last month's puzzle from their cache, so we updated it with a new file name to ensure everyone sees the "latest". Sorry for the confusion.


There is a person who try to access the situation from various point of view ....


I see a bottom half of the cricket bat and the ball ...also i see a man (with the circle as his head and the vertical image as a body) or a sun and its reflection in the water... :)


floppy disk or exclamation mark

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