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April 03, 2008


....leaving with anger is not a right thing, but i don't see the bad impact from to link them together?


Looks like "Andy" was lucky in this case. There are also many high-up business people who are fantastic at holding a grudge and would have never forgiven him.

If you're a Pro, you'll know that most industries are small. Word spreads. People move. You can have a reputation as an arrogant jerk, or a reputation as a great person to work with. The beauty of it is, that choice is up to you.


This story is very good. We saw this happen in our company in 1999. We had a recent college graduate, a smart gal, who worked in our IS department and supporeted our business unit. During the height of internet boom, she got an offer that paid her 50% more than what we could pay and a lot more than many of our long term employees.
She was ecastic about the offer and started bragging about it in the company. I advised her to keep quite and leave on good terms. She did not listen and embarassed her supevisor before leaving, shared her new offer freely and after leaving encouraged our employees to join her company.

A year a quarter later, she got laid off from her new company. She called me for help to get back in our company. Unfortuantley she had left no bridge to return.

Valerie Lee

Thank you sharing with me your wisdom of thoughts. It is inspiring and I shared it with my HR team.


The point is "don't express your anger when you leave".

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