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April 22, 2008


micro CEO

Sports (and sports coaches) are often quoted with respect to committment and winning/success. That's a good analogy, but it seems to me that in team sports, it's easy to make excuses for losing or simply say, "better luck next time".

As a student of kendo and archery (several years ago), I found the practice of martial arts as a much better way to experience the immediacy of being fully committed (or not). Failure to commit (focus on what is happening right now) generally comes in the form of a whack on the head or being shoved to the ground. It may sound like a cliche, but the realization that in a real battle there would be no "better luck next time"... perhaps that is a key finding committment.

Anand Shah

micro CEO;

Thanks for regualr feedback and comments for weekly Friday Reflections.

Also to all the people who provide feedback in this blog and in direct emails to me: THANK YOU.

Do appreciate your thought provoking comments and speaking from your heart.

Anand P Shah

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