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February 14, 2008



It will happen in our life time if we choose Barak Obama as our next President.

a guy from china

Political joke using religions. I only suggesting this kind of jokes to be distributed in small groups, when you surly know every one in the room has the same religion and political opinion.

At lease I did not laugh.

In this political correct environment, I don't know whether this should be distributed in something like "Friday Reflections"


Though this reflection sounds funny, there is a serious message for all of us here; parents, teachers, managers, coaches...How much time do we spend in reinforcing positive behaviors, give positive examples etc...We are so consumed in the day to day problems that we miss the big picture of Self Fulfilling Prophecy

No Name

In my company equivalent of evening news is meetings. Most of them deal with the subject of "Excursions"....They are just like the evening news in this article. At the end of grueling week that was consumed in Excursions, they say "Have a good weekend."

So many of us are working weekends, too doing...Guess what? On phone calls with workmates talking about Excursions....


This is a very humorous piece which has bearing on what is going on currently with the politicians aspiring to get into the White House.

It is interesting to read such creative write ups. Best Luck!

Pradeep Joshi

Guy from Manila

To the guy from China
In very humorous and thought provoling way, this refelction delivers some key messages here:
1.Even the greatest of all can not solve our problems if we ourselves are not commited to improvement.
2. When people put thier trust in leaders, they expect the leaders to be focused on real issues and not divert the issues in speculations like, What some famous guy would have done.
3. There is obvious referene to not abusing power while in office and reminder of that in Clinton story.
4.There is a lot more postive in this world and all aspects of our life. It is how you want to look at it.
Isn't that All Mighty would want us to do?
I guess the stroy is written in Ronald Reagan style since the last refelction mentioned about this being Reagan/Lincoln humor month.


is this a republican blog?

California Guy

Thank you for this story during the Presidents Holiday weekend in the United States as an example of satiric comedy that "dramatizes the discrepancy between the ideal and the reality." It is up to each reader to interpret this story in a way that has personal meaning or to decide that this story has no personal relevance.

Personally, I am hopeful that my political or religious leaders are using my tax or donation dollars for the greater good of all members of society. So I get very frustrated when the reality shows willful favoritism or complete misuse of power to a privileged smaller section of society.

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