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February 12, 2008



Yep. love is indeed conditional..more so when it is a business relationships. It works based on value and both ways...


It is better to reframe the question as “ Does my Company value me ? rather that love

Biz relationship is based on transactions , love is a lot more than that.

A company values its employers based on what they can do to boost profits.

Then the employee can do the right things to make the company value them.

But don’t expect love because the beloved may not even be aware of this person's deep feelings or extraordinary efforts.


.. this might be an easy one.. just look at your paycheck/perks - tell you how much the company 'loves' you..

CEO in making

The real question to ask is "Do I love what I do?" If answer is YES then you got a deal.

Employee and The Manager

Very true.
It’s from 2 perspectives, from employee perspective, it’s our conscious awareness and reminder to ourselves on what we’re doing to add value to company, to our team, so complaint is of not much use but we need to constantly beef up ourselves to stay competitive and positively contribute to companies and others as “value added” parts  and on the other hand, the love and care people feel usually comes from our direct manager so that’s why one of the top reasons people choose to stay or leave a company is the BOSS. 


We have had this conversation many times, still a shock to many who think the love goes beyond the financial commitment (usually paycheck to paycheck) because for most people work is a large part of their lives. The trick for the company is to make sure everyone matters, we should not make it obvious that the many is prioritized over the one.


Value can be evaluated in relative terms. At the end of the day, it all boils down to business direction and strategy. One can be seen as a valuable asset to the company in one strategy but could be seen as a completely non-value add to the company in another strategy.

And when the latter happens, value is basically zero.

After all, it has always been about the business. Nothing personal.

So if we really love what we do, does it even matter how the company loves you or not?


I don’t typically think that the company loves me. Some PEOPLE in the company may grow to like me over time… but not the company.

It’s not just about the value that one provides that makes the company care. It’s more about the business and the direction where its growing to. Coz one may be providing value, but when the value does not meet the business needs… that value becomes zero.

Just my 2 cents

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