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November 01, 2007



Truly inspiring.

Micro-CEO in training

Very interesting story, and it also reminds me of Will Smith's portrayal of the main character in the movie "Pursuit of Happiness". What a triumph, even with huge practical burden ...homeless with children to feed!. Success is the value that is so deeply engrained in all Americans, and we love to read about the underdog who makes it big and then give some back.

On persistence, there is a memorable scene in another movie called "Gattaca" where the weaker of 2 brothers challenges his physically superior sibling to a swimming distance match into the open seas. Amazingly the weaker brother outlasts the other and even has to pull him back to shore. The defeated brother gasps, "How did you do that?" and the tired but victorious one replies, "Here's how I did it: I never saved anything for the way back."


I have seen John Paul DeJoria several times on Donny Deutsch show. He is truly a role model of what a successful person is. Very humble, unassuming, honest, creative and at no point one even gets a feeling that he is a multi Bilionaire. He makes you feel that he is just one of us, cares deeply about every individual around him and willing to impart his experiences to help others.

One just feels so much connection with him. That is the sign of a truly a great human being.

Thanks for bringing such inspiring stories every Friday. My family looks forward to Friday mornings.

Sandeep Balaji

It was very insightful reading about Paul Dejoria.One often reads about the rages to riches story of people who are very passionate about something they care about...And it helps them get there at a far quicker clip than their peers...The American Dream is an inspiration of all global citizens....


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