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October 18, 2007


Randy Bakum

good story. One point. It is Ok to be tough in negotaitions but it is not OK to be disrepectful or totally unreasonable. then one gets what one pays for.


It's amazing how many people think the "flea market method" is the only way to negotiate, even in the workplace (e.g. when it comes to getting support on projects), or even in personal life. I'm sure these people think they are being a hard-a$$, and being a hard a$$ is what successful people do, so to be successful they must always be a hard a$$.


The real funny thing about this story, is that Rs.125 is just under $3.00 US


The real funny thing about this story, is that Rs.125 is just under $3.00 US

Team AT

We had a discussion about this article in our team. We came to consesus for two things

1. Different stokes for different folks....The way you negotiate with the street vendors is not the same way you negotiate with the higher end products shops. Mechanics of commodity business are diffrent than those of higher performance value products.

2. People take pride in their work. You can not negotiate a good deal by insulting a person/company or acting in a way that would embarass them. Respect is the value that is universal.


"... The real funny thing about this story, is that Rs.125 is just under $3.00 US ... "

Yeah, but thats the late 60's... That time, it would be more like $12.5 US. Also, the price for a similar pair now might be Rs 2000.

Great article though. Gotta show it to my dad - the king of bargains..

Mark Wilden

Well, that's one thing you could take away, I guess.

The more valuable lesson, it seems to me, is to not walk out of a shop without checking that you got what you paid for.



It looks like the shop owner didn't get paid later after all. I will assume that he lied about selling the other shoe. So he has essentially sold two pairs of 100 Rs shoes, (value = 200 Rs) for 125 Rs and 50 Rs, (value = 175 Rs).

Assuming he might have eventually sold another pair, he has lost 25 Rs. Seems it was worth 25 Rs to the shop owner to stick it to the rude customer.

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