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October 24, 2007


Micro-CEO in training

While I guess this is a exaggerated example, and most of us can safely escape by proclaiming "that's not me", or at least, "I'm not that bad", I can think of more down to earth examples that are a subset of this flaw.

When it comes to solving problems or finishing projects or taking tests, there is a tendency to look for the quick fix and try to get the maximum short term benefit for the least amount of effort. We are essentially trivializing the journey in an attempt to get to the destination faster. That strategy ultimately ends up "killing the golden goose"...might work in the short term, but is doomed to failure over the long run.

Even worse, by sacrificing a genuine, quality job in favor of the quick result, we ensure that in later life we cannot look back on our careers with much pride or have many friends with which to share the memories.


Yes indeed, Bullshit is a fertilizer.


If people were held fully accountable, these plans would be far different!

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