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August 09, 2007



How true? Such is the case in this fast moving world. If you do not react to the opportunity that is presented to you, be assured some one else out there will.


Andrew Grove,a legendary CEO, once said (rightfully) " "The new business environment dictates two rules: 1) Everything happens faster; and, 2) Anything that can be done will be done. If it's not done by you it will be by someone else."

So one cannot wait when an oportunity is presented, other wise they will have all the time in the world to wash his face...


this is situational. History of big empires and dynasties shows that opportunities were there for them and their people to keep on growing and expanding. But no matter how they were present, they ignore it.
In big and succeeful companies, same thing happen. Good idea presented on gold plate and peopel argue about the composition of the plate or some one question how much the plate cost and why not use a glass plate?
u get it? the story not work every place.

Ho-Sheng Hsiao

I love this tale. More so because of the three previous comments -- the first two assumes that it is truer today in a "fast moving" times, even though this tale has a timeless quality to it. Heck, this story might even originated in ancient times. If any has changed in these recent times, it is that people have forgotten the significance of old myths and stories.

As for the third commentator -- he is obviously one of the Learned ;-)



And the next day the local deity of rubbing **** in people's faces came past. Merchant remembered his success the previous day so acted quickly, stuck his face out the door, and had it covered in ****. Stupid Learned, however, still insisted on taking 30 seconds to find his contact lenses and had a good look at the opportunity and then slammed the door in the face of the Amway salesperson.

It's good to act quickly when opportunity knocks, but it's also important to remember that "act now - this won't last" is practically the mating call of the fraudulent used car salesman.

Of course, the original story assumed a little period between "who's knocking at the door?" and "oh, hey, a genuine opportunity". Too many people are so eager to "act quickly" that "acting intelligently" doesn't get a look-in.


Nice story! Reminded me of one of those Bodhisatva's stories from Panchatantra and Jataka tales. And the other post of Microsoft vs Intergalactic I thought, was an excellent practical example to elaborate on this idea. Thanks for sharing. Whenever I find a little time during lunch, these posts make a great reading and recharge me. :-)

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