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July 26, 2007



In big and established companies, people prefer to take the road most traveled. Higher up one is in the chain, safer roads are better for the career.

The story is good for small or medium size companies but not in our company. Don't want to be an outcast.

Chiew Boey, Malaysia

Very true indeed. Inner self exploration and discovery of one's potential and greatness, serving humanity too is a road less traveled. Once one travel on, there is no look back, one will be most glad that one took the courage and initiative. It is the road to life liberation. May more be traveling on this path, as this is also the road to success, happiness, joy, well being, creativity, life abundance. Highly recommend the book by M Scott Peck, M.D. on "The Road Less Traveled". May all be blessed abundantly. Highest tribute to Anand & Luisa for leading this efforts.


The tenet of taking the road less travelled really is an important one, since in many situations we humans tend to stick to what we know (think we know). I believe this ties directly into the importance of "Blue Ocean Strategy".

That said, I'm not really sure how much Columbus should really be celebrated in this respect. I'm no expert on his life and deeds, but modern interpretation of the evidence indicates:
1)He was mostly in search of personal riches;
2) He wasn't the first to discover America (cf. Leif Erikkson);
3) He thought he had landed in the islands of the East Indies...hence the name he bestowed upon the natives, "Indians";
4) He didn't actually land in America but rather Cuba, Bahamas, and other islands in the Caribbean; Though we celebrate him as a discoverer in USA, he never actually entered the US mainland.

Therefore, I would argue that "the rest is mostly legend" (not history).


Road Less Travel is the way to explore life, it has greater risk and rewards but due to social and family responsibility, human tend to go for safer route. As you can see "My First Business in USA":, I have chosen safer route to become entrepreneur where it is lesser risk and limited rewards.

Becoming an Entrepreneur:

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