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June 28, 2007



How true? Let us say I bought a house or got something fixed. I am happy with the service. But once I alreaady pay for it, I don't expect the seller/contractor to ask for more money. Job is done and you are paid. That is it folks.


Thanks for weekly inspirations. This story is worth pondering. So often we take things for granted and rest of our laurels. We forget that the company has already paid for what we did for them. Only thing they owe is our last paycheck. It is all business. We have to keep growing and increse our worth.


Good story on Seth's blog about the tendency for people to coast when they are comfortable:

"You've seen this in countless organizations. A few people get in the habit of least, then a whole department does, and the next thing you know, it's an entire airline. Least is contagious."


"Your successful path will block your vision to the future."\
This quote is by Joel Barker not Peter Drucker.

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