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June 07, 2007



Yeh, Have seen all these games played before and now in the courts of my corporation.


I wonder if sometimes we are playing these games without even realizing it, and without recognizing how much damage it can do to our business.
I believe the CAIRO model for decision making/meeting organization is a good tool to help mitigate these games. It ensures that roles in and methods of decision making are understood in advance. Sounds simple but it takes effort for preparation. (CAIRO - Consult, Approve, Inform, Responsible, Out of the Loop).


Ouch! I've seen many of these games sink software development requirements gathering efforts. To me, game #4 is the number one cause of scope-creep.

Sometimes, well-intentioned blowhards get carried away with games #1 and #2, leading to missing requirements the freeze date, and knocking out the rest of the schedule (for ultimately irrelevant concerns).

If these are allowed to happen, you better count on spending a lot of time playing game #5 and #7, which are an even bigger waste of time!

However, no use whining about it. Strong leadership is required from the Analyst and the PM to nip these games in the bud. The first step to solving the problem is to recognize the problem...


Late prime minister Narsih Rao, when taunted that he was indecisive even in critical matters, used to say proudly that not taking a decision itself was a major decision.

India's many huge projects running into billions of dollars have not yet even started after over a decade. They all fall into 7 categories detailed by you.

Dr. Manmohan Singh is fond of appointing committees, high power committes group of ministers action committees etc., etc. In most of the cases, it is postponing a decision.

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