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May 10, 2007



Very good and pertinent one!


Very good lesson. I'm sure I will remember this one.

I once heard a story that is both similar and different. A guy goes to get his car fixed at an auto repair shop. The job is completed and the essential problem fixed, but the customer isn't satisfied and he comes back to complain. At this point the wise mechanic says to the customer, "Please pay me whatever you think this job was worth". The customer was caught by surprise to be ceded the control of the argument. Of course there is a risk that some customers in such a situation would pay nothing and leave feeling triumphant. But more often than not, a customer will agree to pay at least a part of the original asking price. And probably, that customer would be inclined to return for future business!

Bhasker Patel

The need and the ambitions-these keep oneself most of the times act strangley or inscrutable


Good Article. Years ago, I did analysis of my worth at the advice of my mentor. I am worth a lot more now because that helped me improve my skills and value to my clients.


Too often, people determine their self worth by looking at the people next to them or around them.

Benchmarking your talents against what you want to bring to this world sounds like it would lead to a much happier and productive outcome for people.

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