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Millet Batiquin

The lecture you had at Ibiden Phils was great, i realized a lot of things from the "Out of the Box Thinking" training.
Thanks a lot for the training...

Jeanette Wing Un

I remember receiving these weekly emails every Friday back when I was a Materials Engineer with Intel Technology Philippines. It was always refreshing to read and yet thought-provoking and inspiring as well. I am so glad to see that Friday Reflections is now a book! Now more people can benefit from it too.


I have known Anand and his family for many years. So, I have seen both of his kids grow from teenagers to adults. And now, Anand himself is seeing my two kids grow from babies to inquisitive, curious and, as I often find them, very chatty kindergartner and 2nd grader. And, their constant inquisitions often amuse us as well as entertain us.
Just few days, I was at my desk at home working on computer, when my older one, Ginni, came up to me to see, as usual, what daddy was up to. Just then, she saw a hard copy of Anand’s Friday Reflections book on the desk and started to ask away her questions. “Daddy, what is that? Where did you get it? Why did Mr. Anand write a book?..” When I told her that many portions of book are collections of stories that he and his family shared as kids grew up, my girl’s questions became more of a request. “Then, is that [book] for kids? [If this is more for adults], has he written books for kids? Can you ask him to write a book for kids?” The final question/request was, “Can you ask him to write a book for me and Lauren (her sister)?”
At the end of her long barrage of questions, I could not help myself, but to smile. I cannot tell why, but, for her to make such a request to Anand, I just found the moment very sweet and memorable.
So, why do I share my story here?
As my kids grow, my wife and I try everyday to create our own “Friday Reflections” moments. While struggling through our busy work schedule, we still try to find time to spend time with them and teach them new things, as such as tennis and new language. We try to find to take family vacation to different countries (in translation, more work for parents so that kids can enjoy and see new things). Most of all, we try to find time everyday to spend time with them so that they can grow up to be strong, confident and courageous individuals.

Hawi Moore

Thanks for this it has really motivated me

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