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November 16, 2017



I love this story… it reminds us of some many little important things.

Thank you for sharing

Humble Warrior

I love how she toned down her dimeaner when you mentioned her dog... it's the little details that matter


A great story. Glad you could meet her again! You talked about something close to her heart and that made a difference. I remember when I was an intern in India, I would sit with some seniors and chat with them about their life. I was later told not to do that and keep all communications formal. Glad I did not follow the advice rest of my life. Even now, I am more interested to learn something that connects us in our values and experiences vs what you can do for me strictly for business. Wrt, your experience with Mr. Dowd, I am sure he appreciated your work so as to help you in so many ways. I know you have followed the same principles to the next generations!

PS: I have also given only 1 person the allowance to call me "George".


I love personal stories. Thanks for sharing ...


When you receive help and support, you naturally want to give help/support to others. I have also been blessed throughout my life.

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