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February 16, 2017



Companies do not have a soul and do not go to Heaven or Hell. Well, perhaps some of them have already gone to Hell without first dying.


Good Friday Reflections article today – we must all remember that those of us at work are just deemed marginally more useful than those who have departed, and everyone is disposable. The more important thing is to remember to love ourselves, and to spread love around (for you, to most people, and for me, to a few more select group).


Great article… really great.

Thank you!

Shawn M.

this inspires me to share some more in-depth time with my co-worker


A good reminder that you should never stop learning, and never stop preparing yourself for your next opportunity. Don't stagnate. No one owes you anything.


I have told many a person, who thinks about the benevolence of a company, “At the end of the week, when you get your check, you and the company are square. That is all there is.”


Peace of mind? That is not honest. Stop being paranoid is the first step toward redemption!😉


It is stated above, "The relationships are based on need and value."
From this, one might assume a rational corporate management and HR system with the ability to logically and even numerically estimate the current need of the company and the potential future value of human resources employed there.

Sadly, in my experience, this is simply not the case for many large corporations. Perhaps there had once been a time when the founders (prophets) and early engineers (sages) shared a common purpose and dedication to seeing the company succeed. They may have taken exceptional risks and worked crazy hours, and they helped the company to grow and expand. There was mutual benefit, and the company did not need to respect or love them, because they were the company. This mythical oneness can be gradually replaced by politics and disconnectedness.

Fast forward to the large, multinational corporations that employ thousands of workers, and which cleverly devise HR systems to demonstrably pretend that they employ an evaluation system based on purely rational factors. By this time, the shadow of the prophets and sages is already long past.

I recall the following section from Lao Tzu (in the D.C. Lau translation).

Hence when the way was lost there was virtue;
When virtue was lost there was benevolence;
When benevolence was lost there was rectitude;
When rectitude was lost there were the rites.

The rites are the wearing thin of loyalty and good faith
And the beginning of disorder;
Foreknowledge is the flowery embellishment of the way
And the beginning of folly.

Hence the man of large mind abides in the thick not in the thin, in the fruit not in the flower.

Therefore he discards the one and takes the other.

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