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March 26, 2015



I clicked on the link to Ping in your memo and found this wonderful quote by Stuart Avery Gold.
For the traveler who know his direction, there is always a favorable wind.

Chen Amy

this is second week with a Frog story. In the first one, the frog got boiled and in this one, it is stuck in the mud. What a pity!!
But some deep messages from both frogs.


"Who can guess that precise moment when your world is going to change?"

This is why one must try to be prepared. If nothing happens, it may seem wasted like wasted effort (except for piece of mind), but if something does happen, it is priceless. Personally, I have spent much time on things, which to most, may seem a waste of time. One of them is my faith and I am far from being prepared.


Just for discussion sake: With the pond drying up, just as the frog is forced out of his home, it rains for a couple of days, enough to fill the pond to an amount where the frog is somewhat comfortable again. Should the frog stay? Or would the frog somehow realize it is a mere illusion? That the pond will one day get too dried up that he's caught in the mud and it'll be too late to ever move and survive again?

Sometimes, it truly is time to move on. Even if it decides to rain... it doesn't mean the pond won't dry up again in the next couple of days. Coz maybe it will be too late.

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