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November 27, 2013


Park, KJ

Happy Thanksgiving day to all in United States.
Yet another heart warming story. The author sums it up beautifully in the following text: Miles Scott reminds us that there is a need for the positive, for the promise of something better, in our news stories. It was a taste of the good that lies within each one of us, a trip to that childlike place where we have forgotten to venture, that beautiful place where we all still dare to hope and dream.


Week after week Friday Reflections bring stories of hope and joy. Happy Thanksgiving


This is very touching story... I have seen it on TV (it became a news hit one day), and the story line perfectly expresses feelings of the most of us, who watched it...


This story and last week's are great examples of power of mass media to bring hope, joy and peace. Current focus is on Fear, sadness and conflicts.


Raising positive hopes in this negative world.


Beautiful reflection to start holiday season.


I found a video here to watch the details.

There are multiple aspects from which this story is particularly noteworthy. (Not to mention the Lamborghini batmobiles!)

It is truly impressive to see that this initiative represents much more than simply a family wishing to do something nice for their a young child. More than even just the samaritan cooperation of friends and neighbors. They got the full involvement from the "Make a Wish Foundation", an influential charity that also pulled out all stops to grant a wish on a scale much greater than anything they have done before. Even more impressive is the full, official cooperation of the city of San Francicsco. How many other city hall bureaucracies (around the world) would be willing to sponsor this event, with all of the costs, difficulties, and risks involved?
My hat goes off to this amazing ability to suspend reality on such an amazing scale.

Kids grow up with big dreams, and often those dreams are easily quashed by us adults, who believe we know better. One must appreciate the foresight of the organizers of this inititive to see how inspiring it would be to people around the world. Despite the old (obligatory?) cliche's of "saving the damsel in distress" and beating the "evil villains", it is not hard to see the underlying message that anything is possible with right attitude, hard work, and supporting friends and family.

Finally, I'll say that since this new hero BatKid is only 5years old and since he is reportely recovering from cancer, I hope that we can see many more appearances of the new, caped crusader. Will he grow into the heroic responsibilities of helping those in need and working to solve big problems around him, as we would expect of such a great hero? I certainly hope so.

Happy holidays to all the secret heroes!


I really enjoyed reading this story from the author’s personal perspective. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a great party


This is indeed a touching story! What a strong boy Miles is! Not many stories now have a happy ending, and it's not a fairy tale! Bad news nowadays spread fast, that's why we call for positive energy! Think positively and act positively! Trust will come back to society eventually if we altogether pass on positive energy!


Oh wow, I had not heard about this. What a touching story. Wonderful.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

Your friend,

p.s. I have one of my favorite Thomas Sowell’s quotes up in my office “There are no solutions… only trade-offs.”

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