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August 08, 2013


PG Taiwan

Thanks for sharing. Very impress on both hotel experiences. Have a nice weekend.


It makes me think about what else we could be doing in our day to day business…. Great note, thanks for sharing.


BQN Network Hall of Famer

It sounds like a wonderful place, and I am glad it is easing your travels. I have had a similar positive experience at the Waldorf Astoria - issues with reservations during business travel resulted in my room (we were a large corporate customer) going to a customer with whom I was traveling. The room I received was fine and functional, and I took no real offense. The next year on a personal weekend trip with my wife they upgraded me to a suite (for the same price) as an apology, and we enjoyed it greatly.

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Notes received by email

1. These stories about service are good ones. I read the one about the bad hotel service again; I’m sure you didn’t find the experience funny at the time, but the story made me laugh.
Thanks again for these stories; I always enjoy them.
2. if someone want USER experiences they should be also talking to the users! (instead of intermediate consolidator companies).set up booths in malls and talk to and collect the data what about a huge convention center event where we invite college and high school students and ask for their input? Do a few per state. Maybe my simple mind is underthinking it... FM

3. Good insights and I agree! Will read other articles on this blog too.


Was wondering why is it that you see this level of customer service across the organization and not just in pockets. That’s when I got the answer from a learned man that it is about the culture built by the leaders of that organization. What the leaders consider as standards, gets translated to the whole organization as expectations which then leads upto customer experience


I have seen my share of hotels, both good and bad. In Sunnyvale, fore about the last 5 years, I used to stay at the Silicon Valley Inn, a Best Western hotel. It was $110/night. Johnny was normally at the front desk. I also knew the managing couple.

When I checked in, Johnny would also check me out at the same time, print out the receipt etc. so I never had to go back to the front desk and do the "check out routine". He did this if I stayed for a day for a week, made my life so convenient. They also always gave me one of the same two rooms in a specific building. It was like being at home. I am sure there were better hotels, more expensive, etc., but I like this one. They treated me great and I always went back.

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