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August 09, 2012



Judgement cannot avoided when system of comparison. My country better than yours, my race superior than yours, my religion better than his, my employee superior and his employee not meet expectations. Comparison can do good or bad, unfortunately most bad. Good if people learn from Best and practice. Bad if people get jealous and hurt the other. 1998 Olympics Tanya Harding break Nancy Kerrigan leg to stop her from winning medal so she can win. Too bad that judgement is mostly for bad intention.


The highlighted sentence below means to me: reflection – in us within us."It is within ourselves that we must turn our attention."


Very touching post. What a tragedy. 


Isn't it scary when one decides to judge another? And by judging, it is usually done in a negative manner, seldom positively. The scary level increases when judging is done without proper understanding of the real situation.

But why do we fail to do that? Failing the part about understanding more before judging? Pushing ignorance away before killing? Why do looks play such a huge rule in spite of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover?"

Do I judge? I would be in denial if I say I don't. But I do reflect to ensure that I don't perform judgment that would hurt me... or even worse, hurt others.

From a distant land

Sorry for my long silence -

Re-reading this does recall my mind vividly on 9-11 incident.
Coincidentally- My sister’s son is born on Sep 11th 3 yrs ago and they live in US. So- the bd celebration is always quiet and low profile.

Sodhi was a great hero to me and his family has been magnificent throughout the yrs in enduring the grief with accepted forgiveness in life …..


I recall after the Trade Center was destroyed, one of my friends, whom I thought to be very sane, told me he thought, “We should just nuke them all.” I pointed out that would kill a lot of innocent people who had nothing to do with this tragedy. It is always a few which result in the misery of so many which is why we have those groups like Navy Seals, Airborne Rangers, etc. which go out and surgically remove those cancerous cells from society. It takes time, but it is effective with relatively little “collateral damage”.


Tragedy remains a tragedy when people don't stand up against what is wrong. Our accountability to ourselves and each other is to take a stand in some way, great or small, every day.


Thanks for sharing, this is a powerful message, and one that we need to take to heart.

Socrates follower (Rami)

Reminds me of the famous dialgoue between Socrates and Dan from the book Way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman

"My ignorance comes from my understanding where as your understanding comes from your ignorance."

Yes, we do not understand everything about other cultures and people but as long as we understnad that and accept diffrence, see them as sources of strength than it is ignorance but based on understnading and resulting in tolerance, acceptance.
the othe way Understnading based on ignorance is one that is more prevalent and very dangerous as you see in many cases you refer in reflection.


Sobering yet inspiring. Thanks for sharing



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