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August 21, 2008



Good Story and reminder from the past.

Roger W. Johnson former CEO of Western Digital was the first Republican appointed to a top post in the Clinton Administration as the Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in 1993.

Somesh Sharma

Yes,indeed we all have come across some acts of Kindness like Miss Sandra's experience with Mr. Roger Johnson. Stories like this take us down the memory lane.

Miss Sandra's persistence narrated in the story is also admirable.


Talking about Roger, let me share a story of my friend with him. In 1980s, WD was on acquisition spree. They acquired a company where my friend was a chief designer, main brain behind the company's products.
He could not adjust to the bigger company atmosphere and resigned to start his own company.

Instead of going after him with legal letters and threats as many companies do, Roger invited him for lunch. After listening to my friend's need for independence and his desire to own his business, Roger told him " Aren't you going to need a customer to get your business started? Why don't you start with us and do some product designs for us?" Roger gave him the first break to get his business started. Also Roger was broad minded enough to retain the key talent through a creative approach.

micro CEO

Great story. One can certainly respect a guy like this Roger Johnson.

....Not to mention the incredible chutzpah of Sandy to even consider going to the CEO
shortly after joining as new hire.

My hat goes off to Sandy, because sometimes asking politely for a long-shot chance
really can do wonders in this world. :-)

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