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September 26, 2007


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Now that's "thinking outside the box" ... cha ching :)


Albert Einstein said:"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Knowledge is finite where as imagination is infinite." He often said that he could create so many things becuase his development as an adult was slow and he still thought like a child. That allowed him to imagie things that adults would conisder not possible or foolish.
good cartoon.

Carolyn Bryant

Thank you. Interesting. Hope to see you soon.


No. That's thinking WITH the box.


Nice. This reminds me of my teacher telling this to our class once..."Children are the youngest inventors!". This cartoon is the graphical representation of the same sort of!


Shouldn't you recognise the fact that this quote is by Albert Einstein????


I used to sleep in the box almost everyday 2 years ago, now that I have a decent job. Now I'm not.

Russell Ghanbari

The time we live is different the “Imagination must be World Impressing”.

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